§ 12.37  EXCEPTIONS.
   The provisions of this Division H shall not apply to:
   (a)   Any police or peace officer, sheriff or any officer of the United States or the State of Minnesota or any of its counties who may discharge a firearm or gun in the city in the course and scope of his or her duties;
   (b)   Wildlife conservation or animal control officers or other authorized representatives of the city, county, state or federal government who in the course of their duties, or pursuant to a permit issued under this Division H, may use a firearm or weapon to restrain the free movement of any animal, wildlife or birds for humane or other authorized purposes or when acting as authorized participants in the pursuant to special permits issued under § 12.38 of this Division H, and valid licenses and permits issued by the State Department of Natural Resources and United States Fish and Wildlife Service;
   (c)   Members of authorized veterans and law enforcement Honor Guards discharging a rifle volley as an honorary salute at a cemetery located within the city;
   (d)   The discharge of firearms, air rifles, air guns or BB guns in those areas that are licensed as provided in Chapter 14 as rifle ranges, trap shooting ranges, or target ranges pursuant to the terms of this code;
   (e)   The use of bows and arrows on official City Park and Recreation Department archery ranges or on target ranges licensed for archery purposes under Chapter 14; provided that persons using such ranges must obey all regulations as set forth by the Director of the Park and Recreation Department and the Chief of Police;
   (f)   The discharge of any in the lawful defense of person or ;
   (g)   The possession and display of unloaded antique firearms as defined by M.S. § 624.712, subd. 3, as it may amended from time to time, by museums or collectors of art or for other lawful purposes of public exhibition; and
   (h)   The use of any under the terms and conditions of a valid permit issued pursuant to § 12.38 of this Division H.
(1958 Code, § 185.02)  (Ord. 77-68, passed 10-3-1977; recodified by Ord. 98-53, passed 11-16-1998; deleted and added by Ord. 2007-40, passed 11-5-2007)