(a)   No person shall trespass in or upon any real and, without claim of right, refuse to depart therefrom on demand of the or .
   (b)   No person who has been served with a in conformity with this Division B shall enter the premises described therein during its effective period without the written permission of the issuing or or the authorized agent thereof named in the notice. Violation of the terms of the notice will result in criminal prosecution as a misdemeanor under state law.
   (c)   No person shall enter any area of a public facility, or other in violation of conspicuously posted signs prohibiting or restricting access thereto, including, but not limited to, the following signs “No Trespassing,” “Authorized Personnel Only,” “Private,” “Employees Only,” “Emergency Exit Only.”
(1958 Code, § 170.02)  (Ord. 168, passed 1-8-1952; recodified by Ord. 98-53, passed 11-16-1998; Ord. 2007-24, passed 8-6-2007; Ord. 2013-6, passed 3-18-2013)