When a public nuisance or public health nuisance is declared, the owner of the may appeal the declaration, including , by filing a written request for an administrative hearing with the City Attorney’s office within ten calendar days of the issuance of the notice of public nuisance. A hearing shall be held within 45 calendar days thereof following the procedures set forth in § 1.17 of this city code. Where a declared public nuisance or public health nuisance constitutes, in the sole determination of the city, an imminent threat to the public health or safety, an immediate threat of serious damage, or the public nuisance or public health nuisance has been caused by the actions of private parties on public , the city may order the immediate abatement thereof notwithstanding this provision. Where there has been summary abatement, any properly filed appeal thereafter will be limited to the issue of cost recovery by the city.
(Ord. 2006-13, passed 4-17-2006; Ord. 2013-6, passed 3-18-2013; Ord. 2016-24, passed 10-24-2016)