All water meters hereafter installed shall be in accordance with the connection regulations of the city and the following rules.
   (1)   The service pipe from the water main to the meter, when entering the building, shall be brought through the floor in a vertical position. The building valve shall be installed about 12 inches above the floor.
   (2)   The meter shall be located so that the bottom is from six inches to 12 inches above the finished floor line. The meter shall be set in the laundry area adjacent to a floor drain, unless an alternate method is approved by the Utility Division. A suitable bracket to support the meter in a proper vertical position and to prevent noise from vibration shall be provided.
   (3)   All meter installations shall have a full way valve on the street side of the meter. In no case shall there be more than 12 inches of pipe exposed between the point of entrance through the basement floor and the building valve. A full way valve shall also be installed on the house side of and adjacent to the meter.
   (4)   Meter setting devices for five-eighths-inch, three-fourths-inch and one-inch meters shall be of copper pipe or tubing from the terminus of the service pipe up to and including the house side full way valve.
(1958 Code, § 30.17)  (Ord. 225, passed 2-15-1960; Ord. 237, passed 7-22-1960; Ord. 63-37, passed 10-7-1963; Ord. 70-14, passed 4-20-1970; Ord. 96-60, passed 11-4-1996; Ord. 2005-28, passed 7-18-2005)