(a)   Placement of service pipes. Every service pipe shall be laid in a manner as to prevent rupture by settlement. The service pipe must be placed not less than seven and one-half feet below the surface and in all cases so arranged as to prevent rupture by freezing.
   (b)   Other requirements. Service pipes shall extend from the curb box to the inside of the building; or if not taken into a building then to the hydrant or other fixtures which it is intended to supply. A shut-off or other stopcock with waste valve, of the size and strength required, shall be placed close to the inside wall of the building, well protected from freezing. Joints on copper tubing shall be kept to a minimum, with not more than one joint used for a service up to 70 feet in length. All joints shall be left uncovered until inspected. Connections with the mains for domestic supply shall be at least three-fourths of an inch.
(1958 Code, § 30.15) (Ord. 225, passed 2-15-1960; Ord. 70-14, passed 4-20-1970; Ord. 96-60, passed 11-4-1996; Ord. 2005-28, passed 7-18-2005)