All properties consuming water for domestic purposes shall either connect to the municipal water system within two years after such service becomes available or annually submit a water test result made by a state-certified testing laboratory. This test result shall show that the water is potable according to the standards of the State Department of Health and that there is no evidence of recirculated sewage. Maximum chemical and bacteriological criteria shall be as follows.
   (1)   Nitrates. There shall be less than 10 mg/liter of nitrate nitrogen.
   (2)   Arsenic. There shall be less than 10 ug/liter of arsenic.
   (3)   Coliform. There shall be no coliform present.
(1958 Code, § 30.03)  (Ord. 225, passed 2-15-1960; Ord. 63-37, passed 10-7-1963; Ord. 66-49, passed 8-1-1966; Ord. 67-17, passed 5-1-1967; Ord. 70-14, passed 4-20-1970; Ord. 2005-28, passed 7-18-2005; Ord. 2016-10, passed 5-16-2016; Ord. 2020-29, passed 9-14-2020)