All tags issued under this section shall be referred by the authorized city issuer to the Hennepin District Court Violations Bureau. The Violations Bureau shall be conducted and operated in accordance with rules adopted by the Hennepin County District Court in accordance with M.S. Chapter 484, as it may be amended from time to time and Minnesota Rules of Criminal Procedure 23, for violations of ordinances relating to building construction, operation or maintenance, fire and fire prevention; public health and sanitation and zoning, as amended from time to time.
   The Minnesota Rules of Criminal Procedure are hereby incorporated by reference relating to the general provisions of the Ordinance Violations Bureau, including without limitation, the following:
         (A)   Head of Bureau. The Clerk of Court is designated as the head of the Violation Bureau established pursuant to law and by rule of this Court.
         (B)   Form of tag. The defendant shall be notified of an alleged violation of a law or ordinance by a tag in such form as prescribed by Rule 6 of the Minnesota Rules of Criminal Procedure, as amended from time to time and which is served upon the defendant and filed with the Court as set forth in this section of city code and the Minnesota Rules of Criminal Procedure.
         (C)   Level of offense. The tag shall clearly identify the level of offense as either petty misdemeanor or misdemeanor as defined under Minnesota law.
(1958 Code, §§ 74.20—74.23, 74.25—74.28)  (Ord. 64-69, passed 9-2-1964; Ord. 67-26, passed 6-5-1967; Ord. 68-53, passed 7-15-1968)