The shall:
   (a)   Study and review programs and policies and aid the City Council in enlisting the cooperation of agencies, organizations and individuals in the city in an active program directed to create equal opportunity and eliminate discrimination and inequalities;
   (b)   Advise and aid the City Council in implementing such recommendations as may be appropriate to the city, including, but not limited to, such things as:
      (1)   Specific programs of public information regarding the statutory requirements of the State Human Rights Act (M.S. Chapter 363A, as it may be amended from time to time);
      (2)   Comprehensive studies and surveys of practices in the community;
      (3)   Programs of affirmative action to be developed with employers, the housing industry, the educational institutions and governmental agencies;
      (4)   Programs of review to give and gain information regarding compliance with state requirements concerning equal opportunity;
      (5)   Programs designed to alleviate community tension; and
      (6)   Programs designed to create a genuine climate of community readiness to accept orderly and demonstrable change in eliminating barriers of equal opportunity.
   (c)   Attempt to conciliate, within its authority, all grievances involving discrimination occurring within the city and make all appropriate reports to the City Council and State Department of Human Rights;
   (d)   Advise the Bloomington Independent School District No. 271 on matters relating to human rights, in accordance with the resolution of the City Council adopted May 4, 1970;
   (e)   Establish committees, as the finds it to be necessary, in the following areas:
      (1)   The various areas of concern under the State Human Rights Act;
      (2)   Public information;
      (3)   Legislation; and
      (4)   Liaison with other organizations including other city commissions and agencies.
   (f)   Perform such other functions concerning human rights as the city may from time to time direct; and
   (g)   Hold hearings and make recommendations to the City Council when a complaint is brought against a contractor for violation of §§ 2.100 to 2.104 of this code. Hearings for all contract compliance complaints shall be conducted in accordance with the procedures stated in § 2.104 of this code.
(Ord. 2017-15, passed 5-22-2017)