§ 12.135  EXCEPTIONS.
   (a)   This Article V does not prohibit the following:
      (1)   Denial of admittance into a particular apartment, room manufactured home, or personal residential unit;
      (2)   Denial of permission to visit certain persons for valid health reasons, in the case of a nursing home or a registered housing with services establishment providing assisted-living services meeting the requirements of M.S. § 144G.03, subdiv. 2;
      (3)   Limiting visits to a reasonable number of census employees;
      (4)   Requiring a prior appointment or notification to gain access to the structure; or
      (5)   Denial of admittance to or expulsion of an individual employee from a multi-unit housing structure for good cause.
(Ord. 2020-10, passed 4-6-2020)