The following acts are unlawful:
   (a)   No shall purchase or attempt to purchase from any license holder.
   (b)   No shall induce a to purchase or obtain or knowingly allow the use of the ’s driver’s license, permit, Minnesota identification card, or other form of identification by a to purchase from any license holder.
   (c)   No shall , furnish, or give to a . No license holder shall permit any to consume on the , except that a parent or guardian of a may give to the solely for consumption in the household of the parent or guardian.
   (d)   No shall possess . The presence of a in an automobile, room, or in a group in which are contained and are being consumed or has been consumed is considered in the of such or all of such present at such time, provided the parent or guardian of such is not present.
   (e)   No shall enter the for the purpose of purchasing or consuming .
   (f)   No shall misrepresent the ’s age for the purpose of obtaining .
   (g)   Proof of age for purchasing or consuming may be established only by one of the following:
      (1)   A valid driver’s license or identification card issued by Minnesota, another state or a province of Canada, and including the photograph and date of birth of the licensed ;
      (2)   A valid military identification card issued by the United States Department of Defense; or
      (3)   In the case of a foreign national, from a nation other than Canada, by a valid passport.
   (h)   In a prosecution for any violation of any provision in this code regarding , it is a defense for the defendant to provide by a preponderance of the evidence that the defendant reasonably and in good faith relied upon one of the above cited types of identification.
(Ord. 2020-2, passed 2-24-2020)