An special event license holder is subject to the following restrictions:
   (a)   No shall be granted more than one special event license within any 30-day period, in any combination not to exceed 12 days per year. An individual organization shall not be granted more than:
      (1)   Three four-day special event licenses;
      (2)   Four three-day special event licenses; or
      (3)   Six two-day special event licenses;
   (b)   No more than three special events shall take place at any one location within a 12-month period;
   (c)   A special event license may authorize the of on premises other than premises the license holder owns or permanently occupies;
   (d)   The special event license holder shall contract for services with a license holder or if no such contract with a license holder is provided, the license holder shall provide liquor liability insurance for the event meeting the requirements of § 13.16;
   (e)   All special event licenses shall be approved by the Commissioner of Public Safety pursuant to M.S. § 340A.404, subd. 10, as amended;
   (f)   No special event license shall be issued on grounds or in buildings or within 300 feet of a during regularly scheduled classes; and
   (g)   A special event license holder may conduct subject to the restrictions of M.S. § 340A.418, as amended.
(Ord. 2020-2, passed 2-24-2020)