§ 13.22  BREWPUBS.
   A license holder under §§ 13.03(a)(9) and 13.03(c)(6) is subject to the following restrictions:
   (a)   The entire production of must be solely for consumption on tap and on the or for consumption;
   (b)   The must be produced and packaged on the . The must be packaged in 64-ounce containers commonly known as “growlers,” subject to the following requirements:
      (1)   The containers must bear a twist-type closure, cork, stopper, or plug;
      (2)   At the time of the , a paper or plastic adhesive band, strip, or sleeve must be applied to the container and extend over the top of the twist-type closure, cork, stopper, or plug forming a seal that must be broken upon opening of the container;
      (3)   The adhesive band, strip, or sleeve must bear the name and address of the ; and
      (4)   The containers must be identified as , contain the name of the , have the name and address of the selling the , and shall be considered unless the alcoholic content is labeled as otherwise in accordance with the provisions of Minnesota Rules part 7515.1100, as amended.
   (c)   A ’s total at or must not exceed 3,500 barrels per year, provided that may not total more than 500 barrels;
   (d)   The hours of must conform to the hours of for license holders within the city. in growlers may be sold at on Sunday. The sold must be removed from the premises before the applicable closing time at ; and
   (e)   A licensed under this section may hold or have an in other licenses, but may not have an ownership in whole or in part, or be an officer, director, agent or employee of, any other , , importer or , or be an affiliate thereof whether the affiliation is corporate or by management, direction or control.
(Ord. 2020-2, passed 2-24-2020)