(a)   Relocation in public ways. The shall comply with Minnesota Rules part 7819.3100 and applicable ordinances consistent with law.
   (b)   Relocation in . may require at expense to relocate or remove its from upon a finding by that the have become or will become a substantial impairment to the existing or proposed public use of the . Such relocation shall comply with applicable ordinances consistent with law.
   (c)   Projects with federal funding. Relocation, removal or rearrangement of any made necessary because of the extension into or through of a federally-aided highway project shall be governed by the provisions of M.S. § 161.46, as supplemented or amended. It is understood that the right herein granted to is a valuable property right. shall not order to remove or relocate its facilities without compensation when a is vacated, improved or re-aligned because of a renewal or a redevelopment plan which is financially subsidized in whole or in part by the federal government or any agency thereof, unless the reasonable non-betterment costs allocated for of such relocation are paid to . The is obligated to pay , however, only for the portions of its relocation costs for which has received federal funding specifically allocated for relocation costs in the amount requested by the . Notwithstanding the foregoing, the may seek funding from the federal government for project purposes other than utility relocation and has no obligation to support any such utility relocation allocation in the application process.
   (d)   No waiver. By entering this or any prior franchise agreement with , does not waive its rights under an easement or prescriptive right or state or county permit.
(Ord. 88-9, passed 2-22-1988; Ord. 2015-42, passed 12-21-2015)