(a)   Categories of programming service. Grantee shall provide video programming services in at least the following broad categories:
      Local broadcast (subject to federal carriage requirements)
      Public broadcast
      News and information
      General entertainment
      Foreign language/ethnic programming
       access programming (to the extent required by the franchise)
      Leased access
   (b)   Changes in programming services. Grantee shall not delete or so limit as to effectively delete any broad category of programming within its control without the ’s consent. Further, grantee shall provide at least 30 ’ prior written notice to subscribers and to the of grantee’s request to effectively delete any broad category of programming or any within its control, including all proposed changes in bandwidth or allocation and any assignments including any new equipment requirements that may occur as a result of these changes.
   (c)   Parental control device. Upon request by any , grantee shall make available for sale or lease a parental control or lockout device that will enable the to block all access to any and all without affecting those not blocked. Grantee shall inform subscribers of the availability of the lockout device at the time of original subscription and annually thereafter.
   (d)   Free to public buildings.
      (1)   As part of its support for use of the system, the grantee shall provide, at no cost to the and to the affected institution, a free to the network and free and expanded basic cable service to each public and private school, public library branch, police and fire station, community center and public building that requests a in writing, and to such other public institutions as the may reasonably request from time to time provided such location is a and not currently receiving service from another provider. However, may determine to disconnect the other cable provider and require grantee to meet the free service obligation, as determined in ’s sole discretion.
      (2)   The grantee is only required to provide a single free to the network, to a single outlet at a point within the location selected by that location. However, the location may extend the to multiple outlets and receive free and expanded basic cable service at each outlet so long as such extension does not result in any violations of applicable leakage standards which the grantee is obligated to meet. A location that wishes to install multiple outlets may do so itself, or may contract with the grantee to do so. Grantee shall provide up to three additional to each location free of charge so that the services can be received and individually tuned by each receiver connected to the at a location. If an institution physically moves locations, such institution may move existing to the new locations with a free , and the moved will not count against the three additional . Grantee will replace and maintain it provides or that it had provided as necessary so that locations may continue to view the free services grantee is required to provide. Provided such location is a and not currently receiving service from another provider. However, may determine to disconnect the other cable provider and require grantee to meet the free service obligation, as determined in ’s sole discretion.
      (3)   Outlets of and expanded basic cable service provided in accordance with this section may be used to distribute cable services throughout such buildings; provided such distribution can be accomplished without causing disruption and general technical standards are maintained. Such outlets may only be used for lawful purposes. Grantee agrees that if any broadband service is required in order to receive the free service obligation set forth in this section, grantee will provide such broadband service free of charge for the sole purpose of facilitating the provision free required by this section. Grantee agrees that it will not offset, deduct or reduce its payment of past, present or future required as a result of its obligation to connections or services to public facilities.
      (4)   Maintenance of said free service shall be provided free of fees and charges.
   (e)   Equal and uniform service. To the extent required by applicable law, grantee shall provide access to equal and uniform throughout the .
   (f)   Annexation. Unless otherwise provided by applicable law, including the , upon the annexation of any additional land area by , the annexed area shall thereafter be subject to all the terms of this franchise upon 60 written notification to grantee of the annexation by . Unless otherwise required by , nothing herein shall require the grantee to expand its to serve, or to offer to any area annexed by the if such area is then served by another franchised to provide multichannel video programming.
   (g)   Line extension.
      (1)   Grantee shall not have a line extension obligation until the first date by which grantee is providing to more than 50% of all subscribers receiving facilities based from both the grantee and any other provider(s) of within the . At that time, the , in its reasonable discretion and after meeting with grantee, shall determine the timeframe to complete deployment to the remaining households in the , including a density requirement that is the same or similar to the requirement of the incumbent franchised cable operator.
      (2)   Any shall be connected to the at no charge other than the standard installation charge. Grantee shall provide in accordance with § 20.49(h) herein.
   (h)   Nonvoice return capability. Grantee is required to use cable and associated electronics having the technical capacity for nonvoice return communications.
(Ord. 2015-36, passed 11-16-2015)