(a)    rates. There shall be no charge for disconnection of any installation or outlet. If any fails to pay a properly due monthly fee, or any other properly due fee or charge, grantee may disconnect the subscriber's service outlet, provided, however, that such disconnection shall not be effected until after the later of: (i) 45 after the original due date of said delinquent fee or charge; or (ii) ten after delivery to of written notice of the intent to disconnect. If a pays before expiration of the later of (i) or (ii), grantee shall not disconnect. After disconnection, upon payment in full of the delinquent fee or charge and the payment of a reconnection charge, grantee shall promptly reinstate the subscriber's .
   (b)   Refunds to shall be made or determined in the following manner:
      (1)   If grantee fails, upon request by a , to provide any service then being offered, grantee shall promptly refund all deposits or advance charges paid for the service in question by said . This provision does not alter grantee's responsibility to under any separate contractual agreement or relieve grantee of any other liability.
      (2)   If any terminates any monthly service because of failure of grantee to render the service in accordance with this , grantee shall refund to such the proportionate share of the charges paid by the for the services not received. This provision does not relieve grantee of liability established in other provisions of this .
      (3)   If any terminates any monthly service prior to the end of a prepaid period, a proportionate amount of any prepaid service fee, using the number of as a basis, shall be refunded to the by grantee.
(Ord. 2015-7, passed 1-26-2015)