§ 17.16  EXCEPTIONS.
   The City Engineer is hereby authorized to grant in writing exceptions to the strict application of the provisions of this Article I provided he or she first determines that the following conditions are present.
   (1)   The desired exception arises from peculiar physical conditions not ordinarily existing in similar districts in the city or is due to the nature of the business or operation on the abutting property.
   (2)   The desired exception is not against the public interest, particularly safety, convenience and general welfare.
   (3)   The granting of the permit for the exception will not adversely affect the rights of adjacent property owners or tenants.
   (4)   The strict application of the terms of this Article I will work unnecessary hardship on the property owner or tenant.
(1958 Code, § 23.16)  (Ord. 93, passed 12-17-1956; Ord. 2010-7, passed 3-22-2010)