§ 15.214 PERMITS.
   (a)   Permit required. Before rendering services as an , the shall obtain a permit from the issuing authority, which will contain the name of the property owner and the address of the premises.
   (b)   Plan review. The applicant must submit three sets of final detail plans to the issuing authority. Said plans must be approved by the issuing authority before any permit will be granted.
   (c)   Permit fee. A fee, as set forth in City Code Appendix A, for each permit shall be paid to the City of Bloomington.
   Where work for which a permit is required by this chapter is started or processed with prior to obtaining said permit, the fees as set forth in City Code Appendix A shall be doubled, but the payment of such double fee shall not relieve any person from fully complying with the requirements of this code in the execution of the work nor from any other penalties prescribed herein.
   (d)   Installations, alterations, repairs and maintenance. All installations, alterations, repairs and maintenance of and shall comply with applicable state and local codes and ordinances.
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