(a)   Definitions. The following words and terms when used in this section shall have the following meanings unless the context clearly indicates otherwise.
      CENTRAL SYSTEM. All of that equipment installed for providing heating, air conditioning or ventilating by means of ducts or pipes to any room or area. A CENTRAL SYSTEM may include heating, refrigeration, ventilating or air conditioning thereof.
      JOB COST. Includes all equipment, materials and labor costs and all other components necessary for a complete installation whether furnished by the contractor, owner or others and shall be based on billing costs to the customer.
      MULTIPLE CENTRAL SYSTEMS. Any residence, building, occupancy and the like with more than one central furnace or boiler, each such furnace or boiler not interconnected with another, shall be considered a separate system. Multiple furnaces and/or boilers connected to a common system of piping and/or duct work shall be considered one system.
      REFRIGERATION SYSTEM. A combination of interconnected parts and equipment constituting at least one closed circuit in which a refrigerant is circulated for the purpose of extracting heat.
   (b)   General fee information.
      (1)   If at the time of application for permit the value of the job as billed to the customer is unknown, the applicant may estimate that value.
      (2)   The estimated cost shall be subject to review by the issuing authority. Upon completion of the job, the mechanical contractor will furnish the city with a statement of the full cost of the job. If the actual cost exceeds the estimate by $500 or more, the fee shall be revised and the applicant shall pay a fee computed on the basis of the actual cost.
      (3)   Permits and fees shall in all cases be subject to the approval of the issuing authority.
   (c)   Fee schedule.
      (1)   Minimum fees as set forth in City Code Appendix A.
      (2)   Fees for the following shall be computed at 1.5% of the , and shall include gas piping and oil tank fees:
         (A)    : for installation of any system containing heating and/or air conditioning equipment;
         (B)   Additions, alterations and repairs to any . Fees for minor repairs may be waived with approval of the issuing authority;
         (C)   Replacements: for replacement of any furnace or boiler in connection with an existing ;
         (D)   Addition of air conditioning to any existing ;
         (E)   Ventilation and exhaust systems: for installation of any containing ventilation or exhaust equipment;
         (F)   Installation or replacement of any conversion burner, unit heater, floor furnace, wall heater, space heater and the like;
         (G)   Process equipment: for the installation of any steam, hot water or warm air system fired with gas or oil and used in connection with a process application or any additions, alterations, repairs or replacements thereto. In figuring , the issuing authority may waive the cost of the equipment used in the particular process involved (e.g., vats, pressers, ovens and the like), but the cost shall always include furnaces, boilers, burners, piping, ductwork and the like;
         (H)   Stokers and powdered fuel burners;
         (I)   Electric heating: for installation of any electric heating system of the central type (i.e., boilers, fan systems and the like);
         (J)   Refrigeration equipment: for installation of any (portable equipment excluded);
         (K)   Temporary construction heaters;
         (L)   Gas and oil piping;
         (M)   Conversion of any system from liquefied petroleum (bottle gas) to natural gas; and
         (N)   Tanks: above ground, buried, temporary and vaporizers.
      (3)   Plan-check fees: there will be a plan-check fee of 10% of the permit fee when the exceeds $50,000.
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