(a)   Application. It shall be unlawful for any person to install, remove, alter, repair or replace or cause to be installed, removed, altered, repaired or replaced any plumbing, gas or drainage piping work or any fixture or water heating or treating equipment in a building or premises without first obtaining a permit to do such work from the administrative authority. A separate permit shall be obtained for each building or structure. All persons making application for a permit must be legally entitled to do so and shall make such application on forms provided by the Building and Inspection Division. The application shall show the location, ownership, kind and amount of work to be done, and such other information as may be deemed necessary.
   (b)   Fees. Permit fees shall be computed at 2% of the job cost.
      (1)   If at the time of application for a permit the value of the job as billed to the customer is unknown, the applicant may estimate that value.
      (2)   The estimated job cost shall be subject to review by the issuing authority. Upon completion of the job, the plumbing contractor, upon request, will furnish the city with a statement of the full cost of the job. If the actual cost exceeds the estimate by $500 or more, the fee shall be revised and the applicant shall pay a fee computed on the basis of the actual cost.
      (3)   Permits and fees shall in all cases be subject to the approval of the issuing authority.
   (c)   Minimum fees as set forth in City Code Appendix A.
   (d)   Plan-check fees. There shall be a plan-check fee of 10% of the permit fee when the job cost exceeds $50,000.
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