The issuing authority and his or her assistants are hereby authorized, empowered and directed to regulate and have general supervision over all plumbing equipment and installations including water supply, sewage and gas piping new or hereafter installed in the city and to inspect and reinspect all such installations and equipment and to order and compel the removal of any materials, construction or installation, or any part or parts thereof which would or do endanger life or property or create or give rise to unsanitary conditions in connection with such equipment or installations. The owner, agent, occupant or person in charge or control of such installation, or the contractor constructing, altering or repairing any such plumbing system, shall, when so ordered by the issuing authority, remove therefrom such illegal, unsanitary or unsafe equipment or installations forthwith. This section shall not be interpreted to exclude appropriate inspectors from other departments of the city from making inspections required by any other provision of this code or state statutes relating to water, sewage, gas, or any utility and does not include municipal water supply and sewage as regulated under Chapter 11 of this code.
(1958 Code, § 55.12) (Ord. 196, passed 11-25-1952; Ord. 74, passed 11-21-1955; repealed and new Division added by Ord. 135, passed 4- -1958; Ord. 69-88, passed 11-3-1969; repealed and new Division added by Ord. 71-23, passed 4-12-1971; Ord. 72-60, passed 11-20-1972, renumbered to § 55.10; Ord. 79-2, passed 1-22-1979)