§ 14.548  ENFORCEMENT.
   If the or determines that a , or or therein violates any requirements of the this Division E or any other article, division or section of this code or applicable state laws, the or shall provide written notice to both the licensee and the owner of the property in violation, including units, stating the nature of the violations and a deadline for correcting the violations. If upon re-inspection of the licensed premises it is determined that compliance with the notice to correct conditions was not achieved and that a second follow-up inspection is necessary, the will issue a civil citation in the amount of the re-inspection fee as set forth in the city’s civil fine schedule. Failure to pay the fee will result in a late fee subject to assessment pursuant to § 1.19 of this city code. The or may issue orders to correct conditions followed by an administrative citation pursuant to §§ 1.10 through 1.19 of this city code to either or both the licensee or owner of the property in violation. In addition, city may initiate appropriate civil and/or criminal actions upon failure of an owner or licensee to correct any violation of the city code or applicable state laws, rules or regulations. Failure to pay outstanding civil fines or fees may result in future license ineligibility.
(Ord. 2010-13, passed 5-17-2010)