(a)   Application fee.
      (1)   The license or registration application fee shall be as set forth in § 14.03 of this code. The fee paid shall be refunded in accordance with § 14.15 of this code, except that the fee shall be refunded on a monthly basis.
      (2)   The application fee shall be paid in full before the application shall be accepted. Upon rejection of any application for or upon withdrawal of any application before City Council approval, the fee shall be refunded in full to the applicant except where rejection is for a willful misstatement in the application.
      (3)   When a new application is submitted as a result of incorporation by an existing or registrant and the ownership, control and interest in the license or registration are unchanged, no additional fee shall be required.
   (b)   Investigation fee.
      (1)   An applicant for any license under this Division X shall deposit with the at the time an original application is submitted, $1,500 to cover the costs involved in verifying the license application and to cover the expense of any investigation needed to assure compliance with this Division X.
      (2)   If the investigation and verification process is conducted solely within the state, the fee shall be $500, and the remainder of the deposit shall be returned to the applicant. If the investigation and verification process is conducted outside the state, the may recover the actual investigation costs not exceeding $1,500. At any time an additional investigation is necessitated because of a change of the managing partner, store or general manager, proprietor or other in charge of the or its corporate structure, the shall pay an additional, nonrefundable fee of $100.
   (c)   Transaction fee. In addition to the annual license application fee, a transaction fee, based upon the actual number of conducted by the , shall be billed monthly to the and is due and payable within 25 days after the billed date. The transaction fee shall reflect the cost of processing reportable transactions and other regulatory expenses related to processing reportable transaction information, including the cost of participating in the automated record-keeping system. The amount of the transaction fee shall be as detailed in § 14.03 of this code and is dependent on the accuracy of the report and the type of medium (electronic or manual) by which the daily reports are submitted to the City Police Department pursuant to this Division X.
   (d)   Late transaction fees. A failing to make a transaction fee payment within 25 days after the billed date shall be required to pay a penalty of 5% of the amount remaining unpaid. The amount of the transaction fee not timely paid, together with the penalty shall bear interest at the rate of 12% per annum, from the time the transaction fee should have been paid until it is paid. Any interest and penalty shall be added to the transaction fee and be collected as a part thereof. If payment of the amount due plus the 5% penalty is not paid within 30 days after the due date, an additional 10% penalty shall be imposed upon the amount due and the 5% penalty. If the delinquency continues beyond 60 days, a license revocation notice may be sent and a revocation hearing may be commenced. The City Manager shall have the power to abate penalties when their enforcement would be unjust or inequitable.
   (e)   Electronic reporting problems. shall report to the City Police Department transactions by modem or other approved electronic method, except as otherwise allowed in this Division X. If a is unable to successfully transfer the required reports by approved electronic method, the shall have on the premises and available for inspection by the City Police Department printed copies of all reportable transactions that have not been reported by the approved electronic method. If the modem or electronic communication failure is determined to be in the system and is not corrected by the close of the first business day following the failure, the must provide the required reports in a paper or other computerized format as approved by the City Police Department. The shall take all reasonable steps including the replacement of its computer system and related components in order to return the electronic reporting system to operational condition as soon as reasonably possible.
   (f)   Erroneously reported transaction penalty. Daily reports required to be submitted to the City Police Department pursuant to § 14.442.13 must accurately report the information required by § 14.442.12(c). If a submits a daily report, by modem or other approved electronic method, containing any omission or inaccuracy in the required information, then each transaction containing an omission or inaccuracy will be classified as erroneous. who submit five or more erroneous transactions within a billable month shall be charged at the rate of a manually reported transaction for each such erroneous transaction during that billable month.
(Added by Ord. 93-23, passed 4-26-1993; recodified by Ord. 95-13, passed 8-7-1995; added by Ord. 97-18, passed 5-5-1997; amended by Ord. 2007-18, passed 5-7-2007; Ord. 2011-2, passed 1-24-2011)