A.   Meter Fee:
      1.   In addition to other fees included herein, the applicant for water and sewer service shall pay to the Village, at the time of filing the application for water or sewer service, a meter fee in accordance with this section. Said meter fee is intended to reimburse the Village for the cost of a water meter, radio transmitter (MXU) and all ancillary hardware required for the installation and maintenance thereof. Said water meter, and MXU and hardware are essential to the proper operation of the waterworks and sewerage system, and are the property of the Village. Meter fees shall be:
Meter Size
Meter Fee
5/8" x 3/4"
$ 500.00
(Ord. 2012-20, 4-23-2012)
      2.   The Building Commissioner or a designee shall determine the required meter size. (Ord. 2012-20, 4-23-2012; amd. Ord. 2017-42, 11-13-2017)
   B.   Location Of Meter: All water meters, MXUs and related appurtenances related to the measuring of water usage will be located in the interior of the building being served unless otherwise approved by the Building Commissioner or a designee.
   C.   Maintenance Requirements: The Village shall be responsible for the maintenance of all water meters and MXUs and, as such, shall have access, upon providing reasonable notice to the occupant or property owner of the premises, to the water meter and MXU located thereon. If the occupant or property owner of the premises declines to grant access to the Village for the purpose of maintaining the water meter or MXU, the Village may suspend, cut off or otherwise terminate water service to the premises upon providing reasonable notice thereof and an opportunity to discuss the matter with the Director of Public Works, until access is granted. All fees and charges contained herein shall apply to reinstate water service. (Ord. 2011-19, 5-23-2011; amd. 2012 Code; Ord. 2017-42, 11-13-2017)