In cases of declared or undeclared emergency, or construction activities, or road closures which cause local traffic problems that threaten the safety of motorists using Village controlled streets or public ways, the Village Administrator may make or cause to be made an investigation of the traffic or other conditions affecting the use of said streets or public ways to determine the type, location, and duration of such regulatory or advisory signs as are required by this section, or that the Village Administrator, upon the advice of the Chief of Police or Director of Public Works or Village Engineer, may deem appropriate to provide the public the information, directions, prohibitions or warnings for obedience to said regulations enacted and in effect pursuant to this title to traffic upon such street or public way and for the protection and safety of persons and property. The Village Administrator is authorized and directed to cause such regulatory and advisory signs determined to be necessary to be erected and maintained for the necessary duration. All signage pursuant to this section shall comply with the "Manual On Uniform Traffic Control Devices". All regulatory and advisory signage installed pursuant to this section shall be subject to all appropriate obedience, enforcement, and penalty provisions of this title. All actions by the Village Administrator, Police Chief or Director of Public Works or Village Engineer pursuant to this section shall be ratified by the Village Board of Trustees at the next available Village Board meeting. (Ord. 2005-16, 4-11-2005; amd. 2012 Code; Ord. 2017-42, 11-13-2017)