A. Lot Of Record: A single lot of record is entitled to one permitted single-family dwelling subject to titles 7, "Building Regulations", 9, "Zoning Regulations", and 10, "Subdivision Regulations", of this Code.
   B. Permit Required: It shall be unlawful to commence construction on any building without having first obtained a valid written building or setback permit. All habitable buildings shall be required to obtain a building permit. Agricultural buildings as defined in §7-1-3 (I) are required to obtain an agricultural building setback permit.
   C. Building Envelopes (Platted) (Refer To Title 10, Chapter 2, "Definitions"): Proposed construction shall comply with platted building envelopes. In subdivisions where historically development has occurred with a portion of buildings or structures outside the platted building envelope, the Administrator may determine exceptions.
   D. Application Review; Notice; Appeal: The Administrator, in consultation with the County Engineer or his/her designated representative, shall review all applications for building or other permits and all applications for development proposals filed with the County, including those filed pursuant to this title and title 10 of this Code, and determine whether: 1) the application is complete, and 2) the use or activity contemplated by the application is subject to provisions of this Code relating to a special use overlay district or requires an additional special use, conditional use or other permit. If the Administrator determines that a permit or application is incomplete or requires application for an additional permit, the Administrator shall so notify the applicant in writing. Any person aggrieved by such written notice from the Administrator may appeal the Administrator's decision to the Board according to the procedures and time requirements of section 9-32-3 of this title. If no appeal is taken, the applicant shall have sixty (60) days from the date of the Administrator's written notice to submit the requested additional information or file the requested application for additional permit. For good cause shown, one extension of sixty (60) days may be granted by the Administrator upon written request. If the applicant does not timely submit the requested additional information or file the requested application for additional permit, the application for permit or development proposal shall be deemed withdrawn by the Administrator.
   E. Permitted And Accessory Uses Located Within A Wellhead Protection Area: The Administrator or building official may require that the applicant solicit and document the request for written agency comment from Idaho Department of Environmental Quality, or other appropriate agency, including, but not limited to, the owner of public water systems for projects located in the General Commercial Zoning District, Light Industrial Zoning District, and Heavy Industrial Zoning District that may involve potential contaminant sources or potential contaminants as set forth in appendix A on file in the County, prior to administrative review of building and other permits for zoning compliance and prior to issuance of a building permit. The Administrator or building official may consult with the County Engineer or his/her designated representative or Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (IDEQ) or both at the expense, if any, of the applicant. Construction and operation of uses within a wellhead protection area shall conform to Best Management Practices for those potential contaminant source activities. (Ord. 2018-03, 2-13-2018; Ord. 2008-05, 3-11-2008; Ord. 2006-13, 10-26-2006; Ord. 2006-08, 6-29-2006; Ord. 98-1, 1-7-1998; Ord. 95-1, 1-9-1995; Ord. 77-5, 3-28-1977, eff. 4-7-1977; Ord. 2023-01, 1-3-2023)