A.   Appeal To Board: Any person aggrieved by a decision of the administrator made in interpreting or enforcing this title may appeal such a decision to the board by filing a notice of appeal with the board within twenty (20) calendar days of the date of such decision, stating the date and nature of the decision appealed from and the grounds for the appeal. The cost of an appeal from decisions of the administrator shall be in accordance with the schedule of fee requirements given in section 9-3-9 of this title. The appellant shall lodge all legal and factual material in support of the appeal with the administrator within fourteen (14) calendar days after the notice of appeal is filed. If any of such lodged material had not been submitted to the administrator prior to the administrator's decision, the board may remand the matter to the administrator for reconsideration in light of the new material.
   B.   Hearing By Board: The board shall hold a public hearing on all appeals from decisions of the administrator during the next available date after the appellant has complied with the requirements of this section. The board shall base its decision upon the record before the administrator and any additional lodged material. However, the board may, in its discretion, allow additional material and evidence if there were good reasons for failure to submit the material and evidence within fourteen (14) calendar days of the filing of the notice of appeal, but any such additional written material and evidence shall be submitted to the board at least fourteen (14) days prior to the public hearing. Whenever an appellant lodges additional material or evidence with the board that was not submitted to the administrator prior to its decision, the administrator shall be entitled to lodge with the board prior to public hearing any additional material or evidence relevant to the appeal.
   C.   Decision By Board: The board shall, within twenty eight (28) calendar days after the public hearing, enter a written order affirming, reversing or modifying the administrator's decision. The order shall also contain the reasons for the board's decision. On its own motion, the board may, within fourteen (14) calendar days of issuing a written decision, reconsider that decision. (Ord. 2024-04, 2-13-24; Ord. 2008-06, 3-11-2008; Ord. 98-1, 1-7-1998; Ord. 94-3, 5-16-1994; Res. 93-6, 3-22-1993; Ord. 77-5, 3-28-1977, eff. 4-7-1977)