A.   Definition: "Large scale subdivisions" are defined as subdivisions with ten (10) or more lots.
   B.   Additional Time For Review: Because of their magnitude, the administrator may reserve an additional twenty (20) days to review the submitted material. The commission may reserve fourteen (14) days' additional review time to allow members to become familiar with the site and proposal. Impact study requirements for large scale subdivisions are listed in section 10-4-4 of this title.
   C.   Additional Costs For Review: The applicant may be required to pay additional costs for the hiring of outside consultants to review the application or portions of the application. (Ord. 2006-16, 11-2-2006; Ord. 98-8, 10-5-1998; Ord. 77-6, 3-28-1977, eff. 4-14-1977)