Applicants submitting development applications are responsible for delineating riparian setbacks as required by this regulation.
   1258.091    Site Plan Required. Applicants must identify all setbacks, if applicable, on site plans included with subdivision plans, land development plans, and/or zoning permit applications submitted to the appropriate Board or Commission, which may include the Bexley Board of Zoning and Planning, Bexley Architectural Board, or the Bexley Tree and Public Gardens Commission.
   1258.092    Preparation of Site Plan. The site plan must be prepared and sealed by a professional engineer, surveyor, or landscape architect.
   1258.093   Required Elements on Site Plans. Applicants must submit two (2) copies of the site plan. This site plan must be submitted in addition to any other plan required in conjunction with a development proposal.
         (a)    The site plan must include the following information:
            (1)    The site boundaries with dimensions;
            (2)    The Drainage Area of the site;
            (3)    The locations of all watercourses and wetlands;
            (4)    The limits, with dimensions, of the riparian setbacks;
            (5)   The existing topography at contour intervals of two (2) feet;
            (6)    The location and dimensions of any proposed structures or uses, including proposed soil disturbance, in relationship to all watercourses;
            (7)    The proposed location of construction fencing delineating riparian setback area as required in Section 1258.094;
            (8)    North arrow, scale, date, and stamp bearing the name and registration number of the qualified professional who prepared the site plan;
            (9)    Soil types and locations;
            (10)    Other such information as may be reasonably necessary for the Board or Commission to ensure compliance with this regulation; and
            (11)    Narrative describing proposed uses and maintenance plan within the riparian setback.
   1258.094    Construction Fencing Required. Prior to any soil disturbing activities occurring, the riparian setback must be clearly identified by the applicant on site with construction fencing as shown on the site plan and the fencing must be maintained throughout soil disturbing activities.
   1258.095    No Approvals Without Required Site Plan. No approvals or permits will be issued by the Board or Commission without submission of a site plan as required by this regulation, including the prior identification of riparian setbacks on the affected land.
   1258.096    Inspection of Riparian Setbacks. Prior to soil disturbing activities authorized under this regulation, a preconstruction meeting at the proposed site shall occur to ensure that all riparian setbacks are adequately protected. The meeting shall be arranged by the property owner or designated, qualified representative of the City. The property owner, developer and site engineer shall meet with the representative of the City prior to beginning any earth-disturbing activity associated with the site.
   1258.097    Review of Site Plans. Site plans submitted to the City involving sites between the centerline of Alum Creek and the first generally north-south public street to the east must consider the erodibility of the site and the extent to which submitted plans impact soil erosion. Such review should consider:
         (a)    The extent to which existing non-invasive vegetation is removed or disturbed and the extreme erodibility of the soil.
         (b)    The extent to which the requested approval impairs the flood control, erosion control, water quality protection, or other functions of the riparian setback.
         (c)    Soil-disturbing activities must minimize clearing to the extent practicable and must include the use of Best Management Practices necessary to minimize erosion and control sediment.
         (d)    The degree to which the presence of significant impervious cover, or smooth vegetation such as maintained lawns, has a negative environmental impact on the waterway.
            (Ord. 29-16. Passed 11-15-16.)