Commercial and Institutional District Regulations
1254.01   Establishment and intent generally.
1254.02   Compliance with regulations.
1254.03   Mixed Use Commercial District (MUC).
1254.04   General Commercial District (GC).
1254.05   Commercial Service District (CS).
1254.06   Main Street District (MS).
1254.07   Open Space District (OS).
1254.08   Campus Planning District (CP).
1254.09   Identification of uses.
1254.10   District regulations.
1254.11   Mixed Use Commercial (MUC) design standards.
1254.12   Commercial Service District (CS) design standards.
1254.13   Main Street District (MS) design standards.
1254.14   Main Street District special permits.
1254.15   Side yards in commercial areas.
1254.16   Erection of more than one principal structure on a lot.
1254.17   Accessory uses and structures in Commercial and Institutional Districts.
1254.18   Development within a common commercial facility.