618.24 CHICKENS.
   (a)    No person shall own, keep or harbor any chickens without meeting the requirements set forth in the following subsection:
      (1)    That a one time permit be required and issued to the City of Bexley prior to acquiring chickens, and an inspection occur by the Bexley Animal Control Officer within 60 days of acquiring chickens.
      (2)    That the chickens shall be kept in a secure enclosure shielded from the street to which it fronts.
      (3)    That a chicken coop be provided, and be kept clean and in good repair.
   (b)    No person in subsection (a) shall sell the eggs produced by said
   (c)    No person in subsection (a) above shall own, keep, or harbor a rooster.
   (d)    No person in subsection (a) above shall fail to comply with all other sections in Chapter 618, Animals, involving the care and responsibility of animals.
   (e)    Whoever violates this Section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor for a first offense; whoever violates this Section for a second or subsequent offense is guilty of a misdemeanor in the fourth degree. In addition, for second or subsequent violations, the Court may order the offender to forfeit the animals.
(Ord. 44-10. Passed 12-7-10.)