(A)   If a person is entitled, under state law, to a copy of a town-owned and maintained document or file, (including but not limited to computer files of address lists and/or mailing labels), and the town has reasonable access to a machine capable of reproducing the public records, then the town shall provide at least 1 copy of the document or file to the person requesting same; however, if the town does not have access to a machine capable of reproducing the record, then the person shall be entitled only to inspect and manually transcribe the record.
   (B)   From the effective date of this section forward, the Town of Beverly Shores shall charge and collect fees, as set forth in the Town Fee Schedule, § 10.99, which fees have been determined to be the actual cost of searching for, accessing, copying, duplicating and/or certifying the documents.
      (1)   Costs and expenses for inspection and searches. Pursuant to I.C. 5-14-3-8, no employee of the Town of Beverly Shores shall charge any fee to any person to either inspect a public record or examine or review a record to determine whether the record may be disclosed.
      (2)   Copying of documents. Twenty-five cents per side for each 8-1/2-inch-by-11-inch, 8-1/2-inch-by-14-inch, or 11-inch-by-17-inch document.
      (3)   Copying of non-standard sized documents. All other public documents in sizes other than those listed above which cannot be reasonably copied using office machines located within the offices of the town and which must be taken to an outside, commercial copying facility for reproductions shall be charged at the commercial copying facilities rate.
      (4)   Production of complete town address list from computer files. As set forth in the Town Fee Schedule.
      (5)   Production of set of adhesive backed town address labels from computer files. As set forth in the Town Fee Schedule.
      (6)   Certification of any group of pages. Certification of any group of pages, which can be reasonably affixed together into 1 package, as set forth in the Town Fee Schedule.
   (C)   Elected and appointed officials of the town are excluded from this requirement for documents requested and required in the normal exercise of their office/appointment.
   (D)   All costs and expenses for the documents, records and files enumerated herein must be paid in full at the time any document is requested and that all documents must be picked up by the person requesting them from the administration building during normal business hours within 10 working days of production.
   (E)   Nothing contained in this section is intended to, nor shall any part of this section be construed as expanding, reducing, modifying or changing any state law regarding access to public documents; the sole and exclusive purpose of this section is to establish a reasonable and uniform schedule of fees and charges associated with access to the town's public records.
(Ord. 05-04, passed 10-17-2005)