§ 155.154  APPLICATION.
   (A)   All applications for approval of a subdivision plat shall be filed with the Plan Commission.
   (B)   The application shall:
      (1)   Be made in duplicate and presented at least 4 weeks prior to a regular meeting of the Commission;
      (2)   Be made on forms available at the office of the Clerk-Treasurer;
      (3)   Be accompanied by a fee required in § 155.065;
      (4)   Include all land which the applicant proposes to subdivide and a list of the record owners of real estate located within 300 feet of the proposed subdivision as shown in the assessor's files. This information may be shown on a separate current tax map or plat reproduction from the assessor's office showing the subdivision superimposed thereon;
      (5)   Be accompanied by 7 copies of the proposed plat as described in these regulations;
      (6)   Be accompanied by 7 copies of construction plans, as described in these regulations;
      (7)   Be accompanied by all formal irrevocable offers of dedication to the public of all streets, utilities, parks, easements and other local government uses, in a form approved by the Town Attorney. In addition, the subdivision plat shall be marked with a notation indicating the formal offers of dedication as follows:
         The owner or his or her representative, hereby irrevocably offers for dedication to the Town of Beverly Shores all the streets, local government uses, easements, parks and required utilities shown on the subdivision plat and construction plans.
         Signature _________________________________    Date _______________
      (8)   Be accompanied by endorsements by appropriate authorities to assure the Commission that the plat is in compliance with all rules, regulations and requirements of local and state authorities.
(Ord. 208, passed 12-19-1983)