All formal meetings of the council shall be open to the public; provided, however, when a closed session is held in accordance with law, the public may be excluded from such closed session held during a council meeting. At the hour set by law on the day of the scheduled formal meeting, the council members, the city manager, the city attorney, the city clerk, and such other personnel as have been requested to be present by the city manager shall take their regular stations in the council chamber. The business of the council shall be taken up for consideration and disposition in substantially the following order, except as may be otherwise ordered by the mayor or the council:
   A.   Roll call;
   B.   Presentations;
   C.   Oral communication from the audience;
   D.   Consent calendar;
   E.   Public hearings;
   F.   Continued and new business;
   G.   Items pulled from consent calendar for discussion;
   H.   Commission synopses and minutes;
   I.   Other business; and
   J.   Adjournment. (Ord. 13-O-2646, eff. 10-11-2013)