An increase in rental above the base rental specified in section 4-6-2 of this chapter is permissible for any dwelling unit regulated by this chapter, subject to each of the following limitations:
   A.   Only one increase shall be permissible within any twelve (12) month period; provided, further, that a twelve (12) month period shall have elapsed since the last increase.
   B.   Such increases shall not exceed the greater of: 1) three percent (3%) of the rental rate then in effect, or 2) the percentage equal to the percentage increase, if any, of the Consumer Price Index for the Los Angeles/Riverside/Orange County Area, as published by the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics between May 1 of the then current year and May 1 of the immediately preceding year.
   C.   The tenant shall be given written notice of any such increase in accordance with the requirements of State law and the terms of any written lease or rental agreement applicable to the tenancy prior to the effective date of such increase.
   D.   A landlord who is not in substantial compliance with any of the provisions of section 4-6-10 of this chapter shall not demand, accept or retain the annual rent increase otherwise permitted by this section. (1962 Code § 12-1.03; amd. Ord. 04-O-2449, eff. 6-18-2004; Ord. 17-O-2725, eff. 1-24-2017; Ord. 17-O-2728, eff. 2-21-2017; Ord. 17-O-2729, eff. 5-5-2017; Ord. 17-O-2745, eff. 1-19-2018)