Existing commercial buildings may obtain a development plan review permit to convert to a mixed use building if located in the MU Overlay Zone. Such a project may request relief from the following mixed use standards, if it is not physically feasible to comply with these standards. To determine feasibility, the commission shall evaluate whether the site is physically constrained, with regard to depth and width, whether the existing commercial building does not conform to mixed use standards, and/or whether the existing commercial building would be rendered structurally defective by providing such features.
   A.   Parking requirements;
   B.   Loading facilities;
   C.   Outdoor living space;
   D.   Commercial-residential transitional setbacks, if such buildings have legally nonconforming setbacks;
   E.   Height limits, if buildings have legally nonconforming heights. (Ord. 20-O-2825, eff. 12-18-2020)