The following floor area requirements shall apply to multi-family residential dwelling units within a mixed use development:
   A.   Efficiency And One Bedroom Units: Efficiency and one bedroom units shall have a minimum floor area of five hundred (500) square feet each.
   B.   Two (2) Or More Bedroom Units: A dwelling unit with two (2) or more bedrooms shall have a minimum floor area of eight hundred (800) square feet.
   C.   The average of the floor areas of all residential units in a mixed use development shall not exceed one thousand seven hundred fifty (1,750) square feet.
   D.   Outdoor Living Space: One-half (1/2) of the square footage of outdoor living space required by section 10-3-1886 of this chapter may be counted as part of the floor area of a dwelling unit if such outdoor living space does not project into any required yard, is contiguous to the dwelling unit, and is designated for the exclusive use of the dwelling unit. However, the outdoor living space shall not be counted as more than ten percent (10%) of the required minimum floor area of the dwelling unit. (Ord. 20-O-2825, eff. 12-18-2020)