10-3-1995.6: RESTRICTIONS:
The following restrictions shall apply to mixed use developments in the M-PD-5 zone:
   A.   No establishments whose primary purpose or business is to sell alcoholic beverages for on-site consumption, otherwise referred to as bars, may be included in a mixed use development.
   B.   No medical uses may be included in a mixed use development.
   C.   No entertainment uses including, but not limited to, cabarets, nightclubs, and adult entertainment businesses, may be included in a mixed use development.
   D.   No use shall be permitted in a mixed use development if that use would cause the parking requirement for all uses in the mixed use development to exceed the available parking on site as determined in accordance with this chapter.
   E.   Residential uses included as part of a mixed use development shall be permitted in all portions of the development regardless of the underlying zone, except that residential uses shall not be permitted within the area of the first floor facing South Santa Monica Boulevard that is a minimum of thirty feet (30') and an average of forty feet (40') as measured from the front building façade, and other areas of a project as may be defined in a Planned Development Approval This provision shall not apply to portions of the building containing building operating systems, equipment, exiting stairs or corridors even if those areas serve the residential portions of the building.
   F.   The planning commission shall have authority through conditions imposed on a planned development to prohibit or allow other uses as it deems appropriate, on a use by use basis. (Ord. 20-O-2801, 2-18-2020)