10-3-4602: DEFINITIONS:
AGGREGATE FLOOR AREA: The sum of the floor areas of all independent living quarters of a structure.
BUILDING FOOTPRINT OR FOOTPRINT: That portion of a site covered by a building.
DISASTER: Any fire, flood, storm, earthquake or other occurrence for which the mayor or the city council has declared or ratified a state of emergency.
HEIGHT ENVELOPE: The outline of a building indicating the height of the building at each point within the building footprint.
MULTIPLE-FAMILY RESIDENTIAL DWELLING: Any building designed for human habitation that is legally divided into two (2) or more independent living quarters.
RESIDENTIAL BUILDING: A building designed for human habitation or a building accessory to a building designed for human habitation.
THEN CURRENT: At the time a disaster reconstruction permit under this article is applied for. (Ord. 15-O-2681, eff. 8-21-2015)