10-3-4518: ENFORCEMENT:
   A.   All satellite earth station antennas, amateur radio station antennas, and wireless antenna facilities are subject to periodic inspection by the city to determine whether they are in compliance with all applicable provisions of this article.
   B.   If any condition is discovered that may result in a danger to life or property, the city will give written notice to the permittee or to the property owner, or both, at their last known address, describing the dangerous condition and demanding that the same be corrected within the period of time specified in that notice.
   C.   Failure to comply with any applicable provision of this article, or with conditions that may be imposed in connection with a minor accommodation, or architectural review, or a conditional use permit, will constitute a public nuisance as well as grounds for revocation of the permit or other entitlement. (Ord. 05-O-2461, eff. 3-18-2005)