A.   Type Of Review: Subject to the exceptions set forth in section 10-3-4509 of this part, the regulatory provisions of this section are applicable to the siting of wireless antenna facilities on all land and buildings located within all land use zones where those facilities are authorized under this code. The siting and construction of wireless antenna facilities in all nonresidential land use zones where those facilities are authorized is subject to architectural review, as provided for in article 30 of this chapter. The siting and construction of wireless antenna facilities in all residential land use zones where those facilities are authorized is subject to a conditional use permit as provided for in article 38 of this chapter.
   B.   Application Requirements: In addition to the requirements set forth in articles 30 and 38 of this chapter, the application for architectural review or for a conditional use permit required by this article must include the following:
      1.   A site plan, drawn to scale, showing all existing improvements on the site, the proposed location of the wireless antenna facility, the height of any existing or proposed new support structure, accessory equipment facility, guywires, above and below ground wiring and connection cables, existing or proposed easements on the property, the height aboveground of any panels, microwave dishes, or whip antennas, and the distance between the antenna facility and any existing or proposed accessory equipment facility.
      2.   A description of the maximum potential of the proposed wireless antenna site to accommodate the installation of additional antennas.
      3.   A location map showing existing wireless antenna sites within the city that are owned or operated by the applicant and any proposed sites in the city that may be required for future area coverage.
      4.   Documentation that the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from the proposed wireless facility, both individually and cumulatively, will be within the limits approved by the FCC. As a condition of approval of any permit or other entitlement, the reviewing authority may require the annual submission of a report prepared by a qualified person evidencing the fact that EMFs continue to be within approved FCC limits.
      5.   A statement concerning the minimum distance from the proposed wireless antenna facility that is required to ensure that no person will be exposed to any harmful effects attributable to EMFs.
      6.   Evidence of any required licenses and approvals to provide wireless services in the city.
      7.   The property owner's written consent to the proposed siting of the wireless antenna facility and acknowledgment of its obligations under this article.
      8.   A radio coverage map of the area proposed to be served. If the applicant is proposing a new support structure, then a written statement, including all facts in support thereof, from a licensed radio engineer attesting to the need for such structure, as described in the application, to be located at the applied for location.
   C.   Review Criteria: In addition to consideration of the criteria for architectural review and a conditional use permit in articles 30 and 38, respectively, of this chapter the reviewing authority must consider the following factors in determining whether to issue a permit or other entitlement for a wireless antenna facility:
      1.   Height of the proposed facility.
      2.   The nature and proximity of existing uses on adjacent properties.
      3.   Surrounding topography.
      4.   Surrounding tree coverage and foliage.
      5.   Design of the proposed facility, with particular reference to design features that have the effect of reducing or eliminating visual obtrusiveness, such as a camouflaged facility, a facility screened by natural or artificial vegetation, or a facility located or colocated on an existing building or an existing support structure.
      6.   Proposed ingress and egress.
      7.   Availability of suitable existing buildings or support structures, as set forth in section 10-3-4511 of this part. (Ord. 05-O-2461, eff. 3-18-2005)