Notwithstanding any other provision to the contrary, no person shall engage in, permit, carry on, or conduct any of the following activities as a home occupation at any time in a residential zone:
   A.   Repair, servicing, alteration, assembly, upholstery, or construction of any automobile or other motor vehicle as defined in the California Vehicle Code;
   B.   Any hotel use or any other transient lodging use for compensation or benefit of any kind, including, but not limited to, the operation of bed and breakfast inns, hostels, hotels, or any similar operation;
   C.   Restaurant, excluding a restaurant or caterer that delivers goods or services to a residential site, has a principal place of business outside of any residential zone, and conducts no administrative or processing function within a residential zone;
   D.   Caterer, unless a permit shall have first been obtained from the director of building and safety approving any equipment to be installed and operated in connection with the catering business;
   E.   Rental of any residence, or any portion thereof, for events or activities such as parties, banquets, auctions, or similar activities, except in connection with nonprofit and/or charity functions, provided such nonprofit or charity functions are limited to one time per quarter not to exceed four (4) times in any twelve (12) month period;
   F.   All activities regulated under title 4, chapter 2 of this code;
   G.   Activities regulated under title 4, chapter 3 and chapter 4, article 5 of this code except as authorized by permit under title 4 of this code and consistent with the provisions of this article;
   H.   Any activity that would produce biohazardous or medical waste, as those terms are defined in the California Health and Safety Code, or involves the storage of materials in a manner that would result in a change in the occupancy classification of a residential structure under the city's building code, mechanical code, fire code or plumbing code, or that would otherwise violate any building or fire code or other law;
   I.   Conduct any use, other than a residential use, prohibited in the C-3 zone;
   J.   Conduct any use conditionally permitted in the C-3 zone;
   K.   Manufacturing, excluding activities or occupation such as: 1) artists, authors or composers; 2) dressmakers, seamstresses, or tailors; and 3) home crafts, including, without limitation, model making, rug weaving, quilting, needle work, jewelry making, woodworking, and other similar activities which are consistent with the primary use of the dwelling as a residence, provide that such activities are limited to the use of tools and equipment commonly available for personal residential use. (Ord. 01-O-2383, eff. 11-2-2001)