Where authorized in the zone, the city may permit convenience stores as a conditional use in the same manner that it would process an application for a conditional use permit pursuant to this article. The city may impose any conditions on a convenience store conditional use permit that are necessary to preserve the public health, safety, or welfare, or to mitigate any potential adverse impacts resulting from the establishment of a convenience store including impacts associated with congregation. The city shall not approve a conditional use permit for a convenience store unless it makes all of the following findings:
   A.   The proposed use will contribute to and enhance the character of the neighborhood and location, and will promote harmonious development in the area, and will contribute positively to the branding and image of the city;
   B.   The proposed use will have adequate buffering between the use and residential areas, schools, parks, and locations where children gather, and will not adversely interfere with the use and enjoyment of residential properties in the vicinity of the proposed development;
   C.   The proposed use will not result in detrimental impacts to existing or anticipated residential or commercial development in the vicinity of the project with regard to traffic levels, traffic safety, pedestrian-vehicle conflicts, pedestrian safety hazards, parking demand, parking design, and loading or manner of operation;
   D.   The proposed use will not create excessive noise, unpleasant odors, noxious fumes, excessive lighting, increased litter, or substantial interference with neighboring properties or uses due to the activities associated with the proposed use or its hours of operation;
   E.   The proposed use will not create an overconcentration of convenience stores in the vicinity. (Ord. 12-O-2625, eff. 8-3-2012)