10-3-3700: AUTHORIZED:
Variances from the provisions of this chapter with respect to particular property may be granted in the discretion of the granting authority provided:
   A.   Because of special circumstances applicable to the subject property, including size, shape, topography, location, or surroundings, the strict application of the provisions of this chapter is found to deprive the subject property of privileges enjoyed by other properties in the vicinity and under identical zone classification; and
   B.   Any variance granted shall be subject to such conditions as will assure that the adjustment thereby authorized shall not constitute a grant of special privileges in the vicinity and zone in which the subject property is situated.
The granting of a variance shall not be construed as an amendment to this code and shall not cause the maps which are a part of this chapter to be changed. (1962 Code § 10-821; amd. Ord. 95-O-2239, eff. 7-7-1995)