A.   If the director determines that evidence could be presented to the planning commission that may support grounds for revocation or modification of an approved reasonable accommodation, and the director believes that the planning commission may find that such evidence is adequate to support revocation or modification of the reasonable accommodation, then the director may initiate a revocation proceeding before the planning commission.
   B.   Upon initiation of a revocation proceeding, the planning commission shall hold a public hearing regarding the possible revocation or modification of the reasonable accommodation. Notice of such hearing shall be provided in the same manner as the notice required to be provided in section 10-3-3672 of this chapter. The planning commission, after such hearing, may revoke or modify the reasonable accommodation if the planning commission determines that:
      1.   There has been a change in the disabled person's use of the property or need for the reasonable accommodation that negates the basis for the approval of the reasonable accommodation; or
      2.   The application, or other information presented to the city in conjunction with the request for a reasonable accommodation, included false information; or
      3.   Any of the conditions or terms of such approval are violated, or any law or ordinance is violated in connection therewith.
   C.   Upon revocation of the reasonable accommodation, the property shall be brought into compliance with any zoning regulation or other laws, policies, or procedures from which a deviation was granted in order to allow the reasonable accommodation. (Ord. 12-O-2634, eff. 1-4-2013)