The reasonable accommodation shall be approved, with or without conditions, if the reviewing authority finds, based upon all of the evidence presented, that all of the following findings can be made:
   A.   The dwelling that is the subject of the request for reasonable accommodation will be occupied by a disabled person;
   B.   The requested accommodation is necessary to provide a disabled person with an equal opportunity to use and enjoy a dwelling;
   C.   The requested accommodation will not impose an undue financial or administrative burden on the city, as defined in the fair housing laws; and
   D.   The requested accommodation will not require a fundamental alteration to the city's zoning or building laws, policies, and/or procedures, as defined in the fair housing laws. In considering whether the accommodation would require such a fundamental alteration, the reviewing authority may consider, among other factors:
      1.   Whether the requested accommodation would fundamentally alter the character of the neighborhood;
      2.   Whether the requested accommodation would result in a substantial increase in traffic or insufficient parking;
      3.   Whether the requested accommodation would substantially undermine any express purpose of either the city's general plan or an applicable specific plan; and
      4.   Whether the requested accommodation would create an institutionalized environment due to the number of, and distance between, facilities that are similar in nature or operation. (Ord. 12-O-2634, eff. 1-4-2013)