If the director of planning and community development determines that evidence could be presented to the planning commission which may support grounds for revocation or modification of an overnight stay permit, and the director believes that the planning commission may find that such evidence is adequate to support revocation or modification of the overnight stay permit, then the director may initiate a revocation proceeding before the planning commission.
Upon initiation of a revocation proceeding, the planning commission shall hold a public hearing regarding the possible revocation or modification of the overnight stay permit. Notice of such hearing shall be provided in the same manner as the notice required for issuance of an overnight stay permit. The planning commission, after such hearing, may revoke or modify the overnight stay permit if the commission determines that:
   A.   The permittee has violated a condition of the overnight stay permit approval, or violated any provision of this code that governs, in part, the activity for which the overnight stay permit was granted or the land on which it is located; or
   B.   The overnight stay permit was obtained in a fraudulent manner; or
   C.   Operation of the overnight stay constitutes or creates a nuisance. (Ord. 02-O-2390, eff. 2-8-2002)