10-3-3404: FLOOR USE:
   A.   Conditions: Where it is provided in this article that the principal use of each floor, story, or basement shall be for retail store purposes, such use shall be for retail sales, except that those portions of floors used for mechanical equipment and those activities, such as storage and office space, necessary to support such retail sales shall be permitted. In addition, convenience service activities shall be permitted provided:
      1.   The floor space required to provide such services does not exceed fifty percent (50%) of the floor area of any floor, except that convenience service activities shall not be permitted on the ground floor; and
      2.   The total floor space used for convenience services in the store does not exceed twenty five percent (25%) of the total floor area in the store used for retail sales; and
      3.   Any convenience service shall be approved by the planning commission as a convenience service customarily provided in a retail department store located in the city, or, if not, such convenience service is compatible with the use of the premises as a retail department store and with adjacent property.
   B.   Restrictions And Conditions: In granting such use of a floor for any convenience service not customarily provided in a retail department store in the city, the planning commission may impose such restrictions or conditions as it deems necessary or proper to preserve the integrity and character of the district, the utility and value of the adjacent property, and the general welfare of the neighborhood.
   C.   Appeals: The decision of the planning commission upon such application shall be final in the absence of an appeal to the council in the manner provided in this chapter for appeals from the planning commission. (Ord. 76-O-1596, eff. 2-19-1976)