A.   The purpose of the commercial-retail overlay zone (C-R) is to permit the use of land for the establishment of retail department stores. The regulations of the commercial-retail overlay zone shall permit the development of such retail department stores under different regulations than govern other commercial uses in the underlying commercial zone but which impose other requirements to ensure that any such use is in accordance with the general plan and that the characteristics of any such use shall not be unreasonably incompatible with the types of uses permitted in adjacent areas.
   B.   In any commercial zone indicated upon the official zoning map where the zone symbol is followed by, and as part of such symbol, the parenthetically enclosed letter R, thus (R), any development that exceeds the requirements governing the use of property in the underlying commercial zone, other than by variance, shall be governed by the regulations of this article. The zone symbol shall constitute the underlying commercial zone, and the (R) suffix shall constitute the "overlay zone", (e.g., C-3(R)) indicating the additional provision that properties in such zone may be developed for retail stores as set forth in this article. "Development", for the purposes of this article, shall include the alteration or enlargement of any existing building being used as, or to be used as, a retail store in accordance with the provisions of this article, as well as the new construction or erection of such a building. (Ord. 76-O-1596, eff. 2-19-1976)