10-3-3304: EXCLUSIONS:
Any use of property located within the in-lieu parking district for commercial office use, including, but not limited to, legal, medical, dental, financial, consultative, real estate, insurance, and administrative office purposes or manufacturing, repairs, reservations, banking, savings and loans, travel agencies, financial services, communication services, research, wholesale sales, auto oriented short order eating places, eating establishments that do not primarily provide full table service to their customers, construction sales and service and adult entertainment businesses, shall be specifically excluded from participation in the in-lieu parking district, except as provided in section 10-3-3306 of this article. (Ord. 76-O-1608, eff. 6-17-1976; amd. Ord. 94-O-2206, eff. 8-5-1994; Ord. 98-O-2301, eff. 7-2-1998)