Except for restaurant uses, which are not subject to property bulk and size limits, in lieu parking may only be approved for properties that comply with the following bulk and size limits:
   A.   The site areas shall not exceed sixteen thousand (16,000) square feet in size.
   B.   The floor area ratio to the ground area of any building constructed on the site shall not exceed two to one (2:1).
   C.   The height of any building on the site area shall not exceed forty five feet (45') in height, measured as set forth in this chapter.
   D.   No building on the site area that was constructed after June 17, 1976, shall exceed three (3) stories in height. (Ord. 76-O-1608, eff. 6-17-1976; amd. Ord. 77-O-1648, eff. 5-19-1977; Ord. 83-O-1888, eff. 5-5-1983; Ord. 94-O-2206, eff. 8-5-1994; Ord. 97-O-2278, eff. 5-9-1997; Ord. 19-O-2796, 12-10-2019; Ord. 20-O-2798, 1-9-2020; Ord. 20-O-2824, eff. 11-10-2020; Ord. 21-O-2846, eff. 11-12-2021)